Claims Recovery Tool©

Claims Recovey Tool© (CRT) is designed to be used in the Claims Recovery departments of organizations paying healthcare claims. CRT automates and streamlines the claims recovery workflow and reporting. It has a user friendly front and powerful relational database back end. CRT to generate, track and report on claims overpayment recovery activities. CRT provides functionality including:


• Generates recovery letters

• Tracks all recovery activity (letters, payments, outstanding accounts)

• Minimizes data entry and manual processes

• Track and post recovery payments, auto deductions and write offs

• Rapid data searching, sorting and filtering capabilities

• Bulk import vendor recovery files

• Real-time reporting


CRT greatly enhances the productivity and effectiveness of claims recovery units and helps to create a robust recovery process that can help an organization realize millions of dollars in recoveries each year. CRT is easily customized for any claims system, can be quickly implemented and is low maintenance.

CRT is highly scalable and can support both small recovery units (1+ users) and large recovery departments (20+ users).


To receive information on CRT or arrange a demo, please see the contact information on our Contact Us page.