Claims Audit Tool©

Claims Audit Tool© (CAT) is designed to be used in the Claims Audit departments of organizations paying healthcare claims. CAT streamlines the claims audit workflow and reporting. It has a user friendly front and powerful relational database back end. Clients use CAT to facilitate pre and post payment claims audits. CAT provides functionality including:


• Rapid data searching, sorting and filtering

• Audit standardization

• Auditors access claims data through user-friendly, menu driven front end

• Claims audited online, reducing reliance on manual processes and paperwork

• Ability to correct over/underpayment errors before checks are issued

• Real-time reporting


CAT greatly enhances the productivity and effectiveness of claims audit units and helps to create a robust audit process that can save an organization millions of dollars each year. CAT is easily customized for any claims system, can be quickly implemented and is low maintenance. CAT has a client base that includes some of the largest healthcare payers and providers in the country. The application has been used by clients for almost 10 years and references are readily available.


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